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S&L Classics is proud to offer only the most quality classic cars at its showroom located in Ponte Vedra, Florida.  S&L believes that variety is very important given that each client may have specific preferences when wanting a classic car of their very own.  S&L has an extensive inventory of unique classic makes and models fully serviced and ready to drive off the showroom floor!! Don't see what you're looking for? Let us help you find the car of your dreams!

S&L invites you to share your next classic car buying experience with its team of classic car professionals here to assist you in making that classic car dream a reality!

Have a project that's collecting dust, or just need a simple tune up? S&L Classics is now offering restoration services to the public. Our "Doctor" has over 40yrs experience in the automotive mechanics / performance / repair. Let us help you get that project back on the road!

Mission Statement

S&L Classics ensures to each customer that their classic car, buying, finding, selling or trading experience will be held at the highest customer care level.  S&L strives to have each customer feeling confident when deciding on what level of service fits their wants and expectations the best! We also have a new mechanic referred to as "Dr. Phil" who has been in the auto service industry for 40+ yrs, and is a Classic Car Specialist.

S&L Classics